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Shipping Policies, Terms, Conditions & Instructions is a service-based business offering personal care shopping services to consumers. We are neither a wholesale nor retail operation, nor do we offer service to any business entity for resale purposes.

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SHIPPING Policy - Terms & Conditions
All Products are Shipped FOB Shipping Point of Origin.
International Orders <<--click here

FREE SHIPPING OFFER: On orders over $300.00 we pay for the shipping to addresses within the Continental United States via FedEx Ground.

  • If you want to choose another method of shipping we add the additional charges to your bill.  We do NOT ship COD. Shipments must be prepaid. 

  • Additional shipping charges may be added to your bill when shipments are going outside the continental United States see International Shipping or Alaska, Hawaii & US Territories or APO or FPO
  • First time orders of $200.00 and up will only be shipped to the billing address as approved by your credit card company computers Address Verification System (AVS).  An adult signature will be required.
    • Note: Many credit card companies will allow you to have more than one approved AVS  (Billing address) within their Computers. If you are ordering from us for the first time, call the number on the back of your card to add your second address, if and want your order shipped there.
    • If your statement is sent to your PO Box and you want to save money by shipping FedEx ground to your home, or to a second or 3rd address, you will need to call the customer service number on the back of your card and add your "shipped to address" so it becomes an  additional approved address, within the credit card Computers AVS  Systems.
  • American Express
    Hair products charged on an American Express Credit Card will require a signature on delivery. This means you, or your representative, will have to be present at the delivery address at the time of delivery to sign for  your order. This is an American Express rule (not ours) and the signature is the only proof of delivery that American Express will accept. American Express does allow most folks to have more than one addresses for card verification. So you could use your work address, as and additional verification address, and have your order shipped to work, assuming you would be available to sign for your package at work. If you can not be available at the time of delivery please do not use your American Express card for your transaction.

The computer system automatically sends you an Email order confirmation! You should look for this confirmation and check it!

 If you do not receive an automated reply it may be because:

  1. your email address was entered incorrectly
  2. your mail box is full
  3. you have a spam blocker installed

You should check the order confirmation form, most of the time you can catch a mistake before we ship you some thing you do not want.
If you find a problem click here -->> to E-Mail an Order Correction
right away…..add your name in the subject line .it is easier to find you by  name than by the order #.

We only use your Email address to notify you of problems and send order shipped information to you.

  • Perishable
    Hair products are not considered perishable but may be damaged by weather and temperature extremes. Please ship to an address where your products will NOT be left out to bake, freeze, or be exposed to inclement weather.  Damage from inclement weather as well as excessive heat and/or freezing is not covered by or the carrier. Weather and temperature damages are your responsibility.

  • ORMD:
    Products containing alcohol, or are under pressure (like hairspray, mousse etc) are classified as ORMD. (We have been told ORMD stands for Other Regulated Material Dangerous.) It is cost prohibitive to send ORMD products by air as an additional $40.00 to $50.00 service charge is applied to each shipment. ORMD products can be sent GROUND,  but can NOT be sent via USPS Priority Mail as most Priority Mail packages go by air.

  • If you use a P.O. Box, your order will be sent via USPS ... usually by Priority Mail.  The United States Postal Service will not allow other carriers like FedEX, UPS or any other carrier to deliver to their P.O. Boxes.

  • FedEX thinks a phone number it is a good idea so they can call if they can't find your address.  International Priority Mail  thinks a phone number it is a good idea too. So please include your phone number.

  • APO or FPO:
    If you use an APO or FPO address for your shipping address, your order will be sent by Priority Mail.  It is the only way to send anything to an APO or FPO addresses.
    Note: ORMD products (hair products containing alcohol or under pressure like hairsprays mousse etc.) CAN NOT be sent via USPS Priority Mail as Priority Mail may go by air. Please do not order these ORMD products when sending to an APO or FPO address. ... To our military people, Thank you for serving.  You are taking care of us so we take care of you.
    Save on Shipping hints:

    • 1-Small orders - Usually shipments of 3-4oz tubs, or 2-8oz tubs, or 10-2oz jars, or 3-8oz bottles, or 3-10oz bottles, or 6-5oz tubes, or 4-8.5oz tubes will go into a small flat rate priority mail box inside an envelope.
    • 2- Larger Orders - usually shoe box size of 4-32oz bottles or 2-64oz bottles or about 4 to 5 times the size of the small orders in #1 will go into a large flat rate priority mail box.
    • Remember NO ORMD = hairspray, mousse or products containing alcohol or pressurized containers
  • Alaska, Hawaii & US Territories
    The "Free to you" shipping offer, is good within the continental United States only.
    For Alaska, Hawaii & US Territories see Save on Shipping hints just above. We will send you an email with our best estimate for the additional charges (should they apply) and wait for your reply before shipping. Please check your address see Checking your address below. It is best for you to get the address in the format required by USPS than to have us guessing.

  • If we send the package to the address you provided and you do NOT get your package because the address you provided is wrong you must still pay us.

  • If a package is returned because the address you provided is wrong we will charge you an additional shipping fee to re-ship your package.

  • Flat rate shipments go FedEX  or UPS Ground (or at our discretion, on small orders, USPS Priority Mail).

  • International Shipping: Additional shipping charges will be added to your bill when shipments are going outside the continental United States. We will send you an email with our best estimate for the additional charges and wait for your reply before shipping. When shipping via the USPS  if your order is will NOT go in a flat rate envelope,  we charge you the amount the USPS or FedEx charges us plus $5.00 to cover additional expenses.

     International Priority Mail  thinks a phone number it is a good idea. So please include your phone number

    Save on International Shipping Hints:

    • Usually shipments of 3-4oz tubs, or 2-8oz tubs, or 10-2oz jars, or 3-8oz bottles, or 3-10oz bottles, or 6-5oz tubes, or 4-8.5oz tubes will go into a flat rate global priority mail envelope at our standard flat rate shipping price.
    • Remember no ORMD = hairspray, mousse or products containing alcohol or pressurized containers.
    • Larger orders will cost more and You are also responsible for all customs inspections fees, duties and any additional fees imposed by your government.

    Note: Occasionally customs inspectors destroy the flat rate envelope and/or shipping labels during inspection and then re-mail the package adding new shipping charges which they try to collect ... when you pick up, or ... when they deliver, your mail. We have instituted measures to try to stop this (by putting an additional copy of the shipping label directly on the boxes and  inside the flat rate envelopes.)  However, if they re-assess you for additional postage  and you can not use the additional label to convince them that the postage was already paid, and you do NOT owe them this additional postage ...  we are sorry but you will need to pay the additional fee assessed by your government. We promise the US Postal Service will not take a package unless we have already paid for the shipping.

  • Some shippers charge $10.00 for making address corrections. We expect our customers to enter addresses correctly, including floor number, apartment number, etc.  We will charge address correction costs back to the cardholder credit card. If you are in a big city you probably already know what each shipper requires. If you do not  call FedEx (1-800-Go FedEx) to verify exactly what information is required by them, to identify your location. (Exampes: required information may include floor number, apartment number, street entrance information etc.)

  • All boxes sipped FOB shipping point. This means the title (or ownership) of the contents transfers to you when the carrier takes possession of the box. At this point the contents are yours and you assume the risk for damage or loss during shipment. USPS priority does not include insurance without an extra fee. USPS  express is automatically covered for $100.00. Should a FedEx, UPS or USPS shipment (automatically covered for $100.00) be damaged, as the shipper, we will file a claim and when and if reimbursed by FedEx or UPS, we will credit the Fed Ex, UPS or USPS reimbursement back to the credit card you used to place your order. Please include a digital picture of damages, in your email, to help us with the claim submission process.

Checking your address ... for US States & Territories
After 9-11 the US Postal Service has instituted an address verification process on their web site.  in other words, if you enter a mailing address that is not in the USPS database they will not recognize it. Naturally they will not allow us to print a label for an unknown address.

  • If address changes occurred in your area,  or
  • If you live off shore (for example in Porto Rico) or
  • If you have not checked recently
we suggest you go to  click on  make a shipping label and then click on GO. This should bring you to a blank address form. Fill out the blank form using your address as both return address and ship to address. When you are done click on continue. The will check the address you entered to see if it matches with an address in their data base.  If it does not they will give you options to help find the address they have on file for your area. When you see your matching address proceed to make a label (click the box indicating you want to make a label without paying for postage). You now have an exact print out of your address as required by the USPS data base. Transfer the information from this print out to your order form, when ordering.  Your letter carrier knows you so can make deliveries even if the address is not perfect. The computer at Does NOT know you and does not allow deviations.

FYI (For Your Information)

1---- If you use a P.O. Box # you just picked Priority Mail. The post office will not allow FedEx, UPS or any other carriers to deliver to PO Boxes. A. As the order gets larger the weight goes up ... there for it cost more to ship especially to a P.O. Box. We will charge you the difference between what we pay to send it to your P.O. and what FedEx would charge to send it to the same zip code.

2---- FedEx (inside the US) and
International Priority Mail (outside the US)  thinks a phone number it is a good idea, so they can call if they can't find your address. So please include your phone number.

3.- Shipping includes labor, packaging materials and credit cards processing costs.
No one likes shipping and handling charges, including us. So, just so you know where your money is going ... let’s look at what's involved:
    a-The cost of the box. Take a look when you visit your local post office. Most have a display that will show you the cost of cardboard/box. The charge $1.65 to $2.00 for a small box.
    b-Tape costs $2.00 per roll
    c-Packing material, peanuts, popcorn, bubble wrap, "air-bags" etc. runs $30.00 a bag
    d-We try to do our part and recycled boxes and packing material. Here the labor gets us as it costs almost as much to, go & get the box, break it down, & store it until we need it for your order, as it does to get it buy and store a new box
    e-Time to make shipping labels. Labels are entered into the "shipping companies" on line program, and then printed along with a page with your tracking number
    f-You will generally get an e-mail that includes your tracking number. (That is if you send us a correct E-mail address with your order.)
    g-Credit card processing fees are for the total charged, not just the products you ordered


FOB Shipping Point of Origin: For those new to the shipping world FOB (Free On Board or sometimes Freight On Board) Point of Origin is the legal way to telling you that this is the point where the sale is made and the goods become yours. That is to say when the shipping company picks up your order, the "title transfers to you" and the hair products become your property and your responsibility.  Should your hair products be damaged in transit, this is your responsibility. We assume you would want your hair products so we would ship replacement products to you, and charge your account accordingly.  FedEx, UPS and other shipping companies include insurance of $100.00 in their shipping charge. Should your package be damaged or completely lost you must notify us (include pictures of the damage) so we can submit a claim on your behalf. When and if the shipping company pays us we credit your account.  Click to Send Email here --->> Shipping Damage or Loss Report  If you do not hear back form us we did not get your Email so please try again. We go out of our way to take care of the folks who order for us.

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