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It seems there are 2-lines of thinking with respect to Skin Care. Your Not Ageing ... Your Just Oxidizing by Tom Porter

Both methods work with the skin, specifically the epidermis. We call this short course called "Skin Care 101."  It is a very brief over view to show the thinking behind the Naturopathic Wellness approach to skin care. (For details order Tom Porters book, "Your Not Ageing your Just Oxidizing"  shown here on the right.)

Skin cells are born as protein in the dermis (5th) layer of the skin. they are round fat little baby cells that are pushed up into the Basil cell (4th) layer of the epidermis. As they move up they become flatter,(3th or  Spiny layer) die and start drying and flatten (in the Granular 2nd layer) until they form the Top (1st) Layer of Skin. The Top (stratum cornium) layer, looks like a miniature brick building made of about 25 layers of Skin cells held together by Lipids (an Oily Waxy material also known as the "Skins Mortar").

Method 1- basically says -Let's tear the skin down all the way to the Dermis, so it will Build itself up better than it was. (The Facial peal, acid peal, or the "dermal abrasion" methods.)

Method 2 "The EC Mode Wellness approach" says just the opposite! It says, lets take what mother nature does, repair it, protect it, make it better & preserve it!

What damages your skin?  A process called oxidation, takes an electron from a cell. This cell (now often referred to as a free radical) starts looking to  replace its missing electrons.  With the EC Mode approach and Anti-Oxidant (c-serum) is applied, supplying the missing electron, stopping the Oxidation,  repairing the skin and saving it from further oxidation damage. In short the C-Serum returned the cell to Wellness.

After the C-serum is applied it can be carried down into the lower layers of the epidermis by Hydro-Driver. Think of your skin sells a layers of bricks, Hydro-Driver is a 5% vitamin E serum that carries the Anti-Oxidants form the C-Serum along the pathways of the "Skins Mortar" and down into the lower layers of the skin. In other words the Hydro-Driver goes between the bricks bringing the C-Serum with it.

The prescription is short:

Reverses or repairs Oxidation damage and saves your skin from ageing

So it is your choice, tear it down and hope your body can rebuild your skin, or Protect it, with EC Mode Skin Care! Note: this is just a very short summary that can not begin to do justice to Tom Porters book. Please order and read "Your Not Ageing your Just Oxidizing" by Tom Porter

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