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Roffler history:

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Once discovered, Roffler-trained hairstylists (and Roffler products), are  sought out nation wide.  The standard of excellence remains!

Edmond "POP" Roffler of Coral Gables Florida, discovered and brought this "originally  European"  method of hairstyling to America in 1958.  While new in America, European haircutters have been using  these technique for many years.  "POP" Roffler developed a training system and later franchised people to practice the Roffler Sculpture Kut under his trademark.   In 1966 a group of Roffler stylists won the European Hairstyling Competition in Brussels (a first).  In 1964 there were between 200 - 300 Roffler stylists. In 1979 there were over 4,400 Roffler salons nation wide. Roffler first brought Framesi Hair color into the USA and later the Color PLUS Line was added forming FP Brands. This group was later purchased by Styling Technology. The Colimar Group took over and the Roffler product line was sold off. Today Roffler again, proudly stands alone.



Roffler Hair Products

Roffler Shampoos:

Roffler Blue and  Roffler Gold





One of the best kept secrets in the MEN'S styling industry, this shampoo has been a standard for years. A highly concentrated shampoo formulation that opens the cuticle slightly for thorough deep cleansing action.  Controls excess oils. Use daily, lathering twice follow with your Roffler conditioner. Note: (These 2 shampoos are supposed to be the same with different color added. BLUE for Gray Hair and GOLD for blond hair. Originally the color made a difference but today they tell me the color does not come out to tone the hair. I will tell you that if someone wants Blue they don't want to switch to Gold. Further if someone is used to GOLD they do not want BLUE.)


Rofflers' Silver Shampoo (Violet in color) contains natural emollients to soften gray hair without build-up. Rofflers' Silver Shampoo leaves hair with unmatched volume and shine. This daily shampoo removes yellow cast and adds brightness to gray or white hair.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to wet hair daily. Gently massage into rich creamy lather.
                          Rinse well with warm water.
                          For additional brightness reapply and leave for 2 minutes.
                         Condition with your favorite Roffler conditioner.


Many say the menthol / evergreen  component in this formulation makes their scalp tingle.  Mountain Sage cleanses thoroughly and helps control dandruff , and leaves the scalp feeling rejuvenated. Not for use with color-treated hair.  Follow with your Roffler conditioner.

On a personal note:
I had dandruff for years before I went to my first Roffler stylist. He took the time to ask me questions and discovered I was scratching my scalp with my fingernails and hairbrush, causing the very problem I was trying to get rid of. He suggested  Roffler Gold shampoo and Protein 35 conditioner. I took both home and in less than 5 weeks my problem was gone! I have always wondered why all the other barbers and hairstylists never took the time to help me.   Mountain Sage is great at the change of seasons if you spot a few flakes.  (We frequently see clients using too high a water temperature and scratching the scalp.  This happens when it cools off in the morning and clients start warming up their shower/bathroom with the shower water. Too hot a water removes the normal fatty-acids and is often the unseen cause of those unwanted dandruff flakes.   We recommend reducing the water temperature until it feels warm on your arm. Then   massage the scalp with your finger-tips not finger-nails and use Mountain Sage.) Check your combs and brushes to be sure they are not scratching your scalp. Trying to "scratch dandruff off your scalp"  only causes more damaged shin and more dandruff (just as I was doing years ago). Follow with a Roffler conditioner. Mountain /sage is Not for color-treated hair and NOT ADDICTIVE  as other dandruff preparation you may have tried.   Most of the folks who buy Mountain Sage from us are using it because it "FEELS SO GOOD" after working out or running! They buy a bottle just for the gym and use another shampoo at home.


Recommended for both MEN and WOMEN with chemically treated hair. (Colored, Bleached, Permed, Straightened, etc.)  A mild cleansing formula enriched with proteins. Adds body and shine while leaving hair easy to manage. Follow with your Roffler conditioner.


A rich luxurious professional formula shampoo that contains Multiplex Protein of Collagen, Panthenol and Keratin Protein. Maximizes thickness of hair and builds a rich, full body. Cleanses hair thoroughly and is safe for permed and colored hair. Adds luster. Follow with your Roffler conditioner.

roffler hair products

Roffler Conditioners:


A light daily, MAINTENANCE conditioner with protein, gives hair body, shine and a healthy look. Eliminates tangles.


A rich collagen protein cream with moisturizers, mink oil, polymers and essential fatty acids. Deep conditions and restructures hair. Adds body and shine. Ideal for colored or permed hair.


Innovative combination of protein and amino acids accelerates restructuring of hair. Polymeric detanglers add softness and shine. Moisturizing complex and Panthenol prevent moisture loss and protect hair.


(The discovery of this product brings people into the ROFFLER family)


        Is a unique product which combines soft hold with light leave-in conditioning properties for fine hair. Formulated with proteins, polymers and lanolin. Adds body, volume and shine.

Roffler Normalizing Lotion

        is both a LEAVE IN CONDITIONER and a STYLING AID. The hidden surprise is PNL is economical to use because it lasts so long.


ROFFLER Hair Products

Roffler Styling Aids:


           Finishing Cream is a conditioning protein styling-aid that gives body, soft control and luster, ideal for colored and permed hair to add extra control. Salon note: I use this every day on regular hair (not permed or colored) as a great styling/setting tool. I like the extra body it gives when blow-drying.


          FIXATIVE is a light styling cream specifically formulated to help control course, unruly hair. Contains jojoba to soften, moisturize and add shine.


       Styling Gel is an alcohol-free spray gel gives hair natural body, texture and control. Conditioning proteins, Panthenol and silicone leave the hair silky with superior shine and manageability, without creating a sticky finish. Contains sunscreen to protect hair from damaging ultraviolet rays.


Roffler Mousse is an ideal styling aid for maximum control and body on all hair types. Roffler styling mousse adds texture and shine to wet and dry styles without stickiness, and the light, foamy application helps eliminate tangles, while leaving hair soft, manageable and in condition.


    Normalizing Lotion is a  unique product which combines soft hold with light leave-in conditioning properties for fine hair. Formulated with proteins, polymers and lanolin. Adds body, volume and shine. Normalizing lotion is both a LEAVE IN CONDITIONER and a STYLING AID.  PNL is economical to use because it lasts so long.


    Roffler Sculpt Glaze holds sculptured styles firmly. Moisturizes and gives super glossy finish. Non-sticky.


  Roffler Suclpt Lotion is used for for maximum style control ... without weighting down the hair. Formulated with keratin protein and polymeric holding agents, Sculpt Lotion adds body and texture to hair and effectively detangles to leave the style looking healthy and shiny without stickiness.



Roffler HairSprays:


Sculpt Mist Natural Hold is designed to give a light natural-looking hold. Protein conditioning formula dries fast, gives extra body, texture and shine.


Roffler Firm Mist hairspray is the best selling hairspray of all brands we carry. Designed for today's hairstyles that need a firm hold. Protein conditioning formula dries fast, gives body, texture and shine.


A personal note and observations... I have used and sold Gentle Shave years. This is a product that has no in-between. You either love it or hate it. The tube has a toothpick diameter hole in the top. After showering I add some warm water to my face and squeeze out 1/4 inch of Gentle Shave. I dot this on and when rubbed around it disappears. IF YOU SEE IT YOU ARE USING TOO MUCH. I then use a disposable twin blade razor to shave. If my fingers tell me that i miss a spot, I add water to REACTIVATE the Gentle Shave still invisible on my face and re-shave. WHEN YOU FIRST START, USE YOUR CURRENT, IN USE "DULL" RAZOR. I have had clients get out a new razor for their first Gentle Shave shave. They all report their first shave was TOO close!  Gentle shave will make your old and dull razor seem sharp again. For me there is a bonus saving. My disposable razors last 3 times longer than they do with other products. This product is so slippery I can not use it to shave a customer in the shop with a straight razor. (The main trick to a Shop Shave is stretching the skin tightly to help prevent nicks. This product is so slippery I can not stretch a clients skin at all let alone tightly enough to shave him.)   One tube lasts me 18 months. Despite my efforts to convince some of our clients they overuse the product consuming 3 tubes a year. But they won't use anything else. In my opinion most places do not carry Gentle Shave because it takes too long for clients to use it and re-buy. This slow inventory turnover means it takes a long time and a consistent effort to establish a large enough
clientele so they can justify keeping Gentle Shave on the shelf.  ... John

Gentle Shave



A unique cream, not foam. Conditioning ingredients prevent nicks and irritation. The rich lubricating action helps the razor glide over the skin for a close comfortable shave. Gentle Shave's mixture of organic protein and special skin-protecting ingredients makes shaving a pleasure for both men and women.


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