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Robanda Skin Care FamilyIntroducing Our All New Robanda Anti-Aging Skincare Product Line!

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Robanda Anti-Aging Skincare, have become the leading experts in the beauty industry using pure and active ingredients that redefines the science behind beautiful and younger looking skin. Numerous medical studies have proven the benefits of Vitamin A and other ingredients, which uses this scientific approach to skin care, that helps nourish the skin to provide ageless beauty and a youthful glow.



Oxygen Boost Night Therapy by Robanda
1.7 oz /50gr
Price: $42.00
Increases the utilization of oxygen into the skin.



Robanda® Pigment Control
Pigment Control by Robanda
1.7 oz/ 30gr
Price: $35.00
Active ingredient Gatuline® Whitening helps fade brown marks, freckles, skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation) and evens out skin tone.
*Non-Hydroquinone Formula

Sorry no longer available

Robanda® Anti-Aging Moisturizer, SPF 20
Anti-Aging Moisturizer by Robanda 1.7 oz /50gr
Price: $32.00
Contains 100% pure and active Retinol Palmitate preventing premature aging and wrinkles.
Robanda® Intensive Night Cream
Intensive Night Cream by Robanda 1.7 oz /50gr
Price: $30.00
Light yet intensive moisturizer plus anti-aging treatment.
Robanda® Anti-Aging Hand Cream
Anti-Aging Hand Cream by Robanda
3 oz/ 90ml
Price: $19.00
Proven effective to fade dark spots as well as providing maximum sun protection. Vitamin A and other antioxidants simultaneously moisturize hands and
strengthen nails.
*Voted by Style in 2003 as "Best Hand Cream in USA"
Robanda® Cellulite Control
Cellulite Control by Robanda 6 oz/180ml
Price: $30.00
Reduces appearance of cellulite and restores skin's firmness. Activated caffeine helps reduce fatty deposits. Concentrated Vitamin A & E reinforces collagen and elastin fibers, preventing free-radicals from causing skin to age prematurely.
Multi Therapy Moisturizer by Robanda
1.7 oz /50gr
Price: $34.00

A light lotion combining concentrated Retinol, SPF 25 Sunscreen, Alpha Lipoic Acid and several natural plant extracts (Green Tea, Kava, Rosemary, Aloe, Sunflower, etc) ALA acts as a powerful anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory.
Robanda® Triple Action Eye Gel
Eye Gel, Triple Action Eye Gel by Robanda
.50 oz/15gr
Price: $25.00
Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. 100% pure Vitamin A penetrates quickly and helps restore clarity, tone and elasticity to revitalize tired eyes. Suitable for all skin types.
Robanda® Rejuvenating Serum
Rejuvenating Serum by Robanda
1.7 oz /50gr
Price: $41.00
Robanda Anti Aging Skincare is the only brand to combine this effective combination of ingredients in a concentrated rejuvenating serum. Use at night on face and neck.

Robanda® Balancing & Hydrating Toner

Balancing Hydrating Toner by Robanda
6 oz/180 ml
Price: $16.00
This "Stress Relief" hydrating toner removes impurities and excess oils, tightens pores and balances the skin. An excellent preparation for treatment products.


Robanda® Facial Cleansing Lotion
Facial Cleansing Lotion by Robanda 6 oz/180ml
Price: $18.00
Removes make-up (including eye make-up) and helps to unblock pores while it deeply cleanses the skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and silky smooth. This non drying formula rinses off easily with warm water, and is suitable for all skin types.
Robanda® Exfoliating Facial Wash
Exfoliating Facial Wash by Robanda
4 oz/120 ml
Price: $19.00

Another wonderful Robanda® dual-action product. This mild soapy cleanser will give a gentle exfoliation during use, removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, while gently cleansing.

Robanda® Panthenol 5% Therapy
6 oz/180ml Price: $18.00
32 oz        Price: $44.44
Panthenol 5% Therapy helps heal problem skin. Burns acne eczema psoriasis & dermatitis will be soothed, cleared & controlled. Panthenol  penetrates into deep layers of the skin cells adding moisture. Also thickens the hair shaft by over 10%.


Robanda® Pour Refining Masque

4 oz/120 ml
Price: $19.00

Pore-Refining Mask, 4oz.
A wonderful mask that helps absorb impurities and excess oil, suitable for all skin types. Enables pores to better hydrate, detoxify, and purify. Helps revitalize dull skin and reduces the appearance of aging.

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