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The 3 products available in the Nexxus line follow below.

All Nexxus products following the first 3 are no longer available here.

Y Serum Shampoo - younger looking hair shampoo by Nexxus Nexxus Y Serum SHAMPOO:

read about:  Y Serum Shampoo


sorry no longer available



 Y Serum Conditioner by NexxusNexxus Y Serum CONDITIONER:

read about:  Y Serum Conditioner


sorry no longer available


Y Serum Treatment - younger looking hair treatment - by Nexxus Nexxus Y Serum TREATMENT:

read about:  Y Serum Treatment



sorry no longer available



Nexxus Shampoos

Nexxus Shampoos

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Nexxus Aloe Rid Clarifying Shampoo:

read about Aloe Rid Shampoo from Nexxus



Aloe Trid Treatment by Nexxus

 Nexxus Aloe Rid Treatment Deep Clarifying Solution:

read about Aloe Rid Treatment from Nexxus

Nexxus Assure Shampoo

 Nexxus ASSURE Nutrient Shampoo

read about ASSURE - Nutrient Shampoo



Nexxux Botanoil Botanicla Treatment Shampoo

 Nexxus BOTANOIL Treatment Shampoo:

read about:  BOTANIOIL TREATMENT Shampoo


Nexxus Dandarrest Dandruff Control Shampoo




Diametress Hair Thickening Shampoo



Exoil Shampoo by Nexxus




Peppermint Herb Shampoo by Nexxus



read about:  Pep"R"Mint Herb Shampoo

Retexxture Curl Vitalizing Shampoo by Nexxus Nexxus RETEXXTUR  CURL VITALIZING SHAMPOO:




Therappe Moisturizing Shampoo by Nexxus Nexxus THERAPPE Moisturizing SHAMPOO:

read about:  THERAPPE Shampoo

Click to order Theratin Extreme Moisturizing Shampoo by Nuxxus Phyto Organic
It's like Therappe Only the next generation ... BETTER!



| Botanic Oil | CURL Rejuv TMT | Emergencee | Ensure | Epitome | Headress | Humectress | Keraphix |
ReTexxture Curl TMT | Y Serum Conditioner | Y Serum Treatment |

Nexxus Shampoos
| Nexxus Conditioners | Nexxus Styling Aids | Nexxus Hair Sprays |

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Botanic Oil Replenisher by Nexxus


• HAIR: Replenishes Vital Moisture; Adds Incredible Shine; Improves Pliability
• SKIN: Thoroughly Moisturizes; Improves Suppleness; Smoothes Rough, Dry Areas
• NAILS: Strengthens Structures; Improves Cuticles Health

read about BOTANIC OIL - Replenisher

Emergencee Reconstructor by Nexxus Nexxus  EMERGENCEE:

EMERGENCE Strengthening polymeric RECONSTRUCTOR is unsurpassed in repairing and strengthening hopelessly damaged hair. EMERGENCE is unmatched to stop hair breakage.

read about EMERGENCEE - Strengthening Reconstructor

Nexxus Ensure Conditioner

Ensure Acidifying Conditioner and Detangler is a pH3 formulation with Nature's finest conditioning Botanicals for incredibly smooth, tangle free hair.

read about ENSURE - Acidifying Conditioner

Epitome Reconstructor by Nexxus


EPITOME Fortifying Botanical RECONSTRUCTOR adds incredible strength and elasticity to weak, lifeless hair.

read about EPITOME -  Reconstructor

Headress Leave In  Conditioner by Nexxus


Headress Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner is blended with Panthenol, Vegetable Ceramides and Keratin Amino Acids to add incredible body and lustre to any hair type.

read about HEADRESS - Leave In Volumizing Conditioner

Humectress Conditioner by Nexxus


"Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner uses technologically advanced NexxuSpheres to deliver moisturizing Lipids and soothing Emollients into the innermost structure of the hair throughout the day.

read about HUMECTRESS - Moissturizing Conditioner

Click to order
Humectin Extreme Moist Conditioner by Nuxxus Phyto Organic
It's like Humectress Only  the next generation ... BETTER!

Keraphix Reconstructor by Nexxus


Keraphix Reconstructive Protein Cream For dry, brittle, dull hair with low pliability. Keraphix Rebuilds and restores damaged cuticle

read about KERAPHIX

Nexxus ReTexxture CURL Rejuvination Treatment:


ReTexxture CURL Rejuvinating Treatment: tightens relaxed curls adding bounce & texture to hair.

more about Curl Rejuvination Treatment

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Nexxus Styling Aids

| Curl Enhancing Styler | Designing Butter | Designing Shine | Exxtra Gel | Gel, Exxtra | Gel, Spray | Gel, Styling | Hair Glow | Maxx Wax | Pomade | ReTexture Curl Styler | ReTexxture Designing Shine | ReTexxture Hair Glow | ReTexxture Pomade | ShinesQue Mist | Spray Gel, Maxxi | Spray Gel, NessStyler | Styling Gel | VersaStyler |

Nexxus Shampoos | Nexxus Conditioners | Nexxus Styling Aids | Nexxus Hair Sprays |

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Designing Butter Texture Cream by Nexxus



Designing Butter High Fashion Texture Creme creates distinctive texture, smooth, sleek styles and high fashion looks.

read about Designing Butter

ReTexxture Design Shine by Nexxus

Nexxus ReTexxture DESIGN SHINE:


Design Shine: enriched with silk amino acids to produce a remarkable shine on any hairstyle.

more about Design Shine  (ReTexxture)

Exxtra Gel Super Hold by Nexxus



Exxtra Gel Super Hold Styling Sculptor blends instantly into wet or dry hair to create incredible styling effects. Exxtra Gel is ideal for hair sculpting, thermal styling, wet looks or naturally drying

read about Exxtra Gel Super Hold

Maxx Waxx Styling Stick by Nexxux

Nexxus MAXX WAX :

Maxx Wax Creative Styling Stick: create extreme design effects, Excellent for short, spiky, looks, Incredible styling support.

read about MAXX WAX  - Creative Styling Stick

MaxxiStyler Spray Gel by Nexxus

Nexxus MaxxiStyler SPRAY GEL:

Maxxistyler Sculpting Spray Gel provides the stylability of gel with the convenience of a spray, for creating fullness and extra body with long lasting support.

read about MaxxiStyler Spray Gel


Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam by Nexxus


Mousse Plus is a light, easy to apply mousse that blends instantly, gives body and fullness with a spectacular luster.

read about MOUSSE PLUS   - Volumizing Foam

NexxStyler Spray Gel by Nexxus

Nexxus NexxStyler SPRAY GEL:

This Alcohol Free Volumizing Spray Gel is an artistic
styling tool with the holding power of a gel & the even dispersion fine mist. The volumizing formula adds remarkable lift, fullness & body to all hair types.

read about NexxStyler Spray Gel

ReTexxture Curl Enhancing Styler by Nexxus

Nexxus ReTexxture Curl Enhancing Styler:

ReTexxture Curl Enhancing Styler: conditions, helps form your style, increases curl retention, releases tangles, promotes curl & easy stylability on naturally curly & permanently waved hair.

more about ReTexxture - Curl Enhancing  

Nexxus ReTexxture POMADE:

RETEXXTUR POMADE: ultra-light styling tool, add texture to fine hair, tame & smooth curly or wavy hair, separate, define & defy frizz instantly.

more about ReTexxture - Pomade  

ReTexxture Hair Glow by Nexxus

Nexxus ReTexxture HAIR GLOW:

RETEXXTUR POMADE: ultra-light styling tool, add texture to fine hair, tame & smooth curly or wavy hair, separate, define & defy frizz instantly.

more about ReTexxture - Hair Glow

ShinesQue By Nexxus

Nexxus SHINESQUE Glistening Mist

Shinesque Dramatic Glistening Mist is a spectacular, lightweight glossifier that adds a brilliant sheen instantly to any hair design.

more about ShinesQue

Stylin Gel Pure Control Stylizer by Nexxus


HAIR GLOW  instantly seals the cuticle to smooth wavy hair, eliminate frizz & provide a glossy finish. Humidity resistant for all-day frizz protection.

read about Styling Gel Pure Control Stylizer Gel

VersaStyler Artistic Designing Lotion by Nexxus

Nexxus VersaStyler:

Versastyler Lotion: allows you to design hair in any shape, form or fashion by adding texture and hold. Use for scrunching, slicking, spiking or finger styling.

read about VersaStyler Artistic Designing Lotion

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Nexxus Hair Sprays

| Comb Thru | Dzyn Maker | Maxximum Hold | NexxTacy |

Comb Thru Hair Spray by Nexxus


read about COMB THRU - Hair Spray


Dzyn Maker Hairspray by Nexxus


Dzyn Maker Sheer Volume Design And Finishing Mist is the latest generation aerosol with many versatile performance features

read about DZYN MAKER - Hair Spray

Maxximum Hold Hairspray by Nexxus



read about MAXXIMUM HOLD - Hair Spray

NexxTACY Hair Spray by Nexxus


Nexxus NexxTACY:

read about NexxTACY - Hair Spray


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