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Jingles Shampoos

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Jingles new HARMONY, RHAPSODY and SERENADE SHAMPOOS are purely  luxurious and contain the finest natural ingredients. (Totally new and improved formulation) 

To help our clients the former names are associated with then new formulations below. 


Jingles Serenade Shampoo

Jingles Serenade Daily Shampoo

Jingles Healthy Hair Shampoo

about Jingles Serenade Shampoo

 16oz Serenade Shampoo (Healthy Hair or Ultimate)  ... sorry all gone
 32oz Serenade Shampoo (Healthy Hair or Ultimate)...32 oz  sorry all gone

Jingles Rhapsody Shampoo

Jingles Rhapsody Clarifying Shampoo

Jingles Workout Shampoo

  about  Jingles Rhapsody Shampoo

 16oz Rhapsody Clarifying Shampoo
 32oz Rhapsody Clarifying Shampoo

Jingles Color Therapie Shampoo

Jingles Harmony Shampoo

Jingles Nourishing Shampoo

    about  Jingles Color Therapie Shampoo

 16oz Color Therapie
 33oz Color Therapie

Jingles Scalp Revitalizing Shampoo

Jingles TeaTree Shampoo


    about  Jingles Color Therapie Shampoo


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Jingles Conditioners

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Jingles Intensive TreatmentIntensive Treatment Conditioner

    about  Jingles Intensive Treatment

  8oz Intensive Treatment...8-oz...
 32oz Intensive Treatment .......

Color Therapie Conditioner

Jingles Color Conditioner

about  Jingles ColorConditioner

  8oz Color Conditioner    
 32oz Color Conditioner   


Jingles Spray Protien Extrar

Jingles Spray Protein ExtraSpray Protein Extra Conditioner

about  Jingles Spray Protein Extra


  8oz Spray Protein Extra    
 32oz Spray Protein Extra  

jingles salon hair products logo

Jingles Styling Aids

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Jingles Jam Pomade

Jingles Jam Pomade Take 1

Take 1 = Light to Medium hold
(Sorry no longer being made)

Jingles Jam Pomade Take 2

Take 2 = Medium to Strong  hold

  (Sorry all gone)

Jingles PURE Styling Gel

Sorry PURE Styling Gel is no longer available try Jell-4 Fun

Secret Jell

Jingles Secret Gel


about  Jingles Secret Gel

  8oz Secret Gel 

Jazz It Up

Jingles Jazz it Up



  8oz Jingles Jazz it Up  sorry all gone

Secret Jell

Jingles Secret Gel


about  Jingles Secret Gel

  8oz Secret Gel 

Jell 4 Fun

Jingles Jell-4-Fun



  8oz Jingles Jell-4-Fun 

Mold & Curl

Jingles Mold & Curl Texturiser



  8oz  Mold & Curl Texturiser&



Jingles Mousse Forte XP

about  Jingles Mousse Forte

New Formulation: XP = eXtra Performance

***This product is TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK! There's been an error with the formula and we are awaiting the arrival of a new batch. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  6oz  Mousse Forte $12.69   13.99

SORRY! No Longer Available!

Jingles Finsihing Gloss

Jingles Finishing Gloss

about  Jingles Gloss

  Sorry! No Longer Available

Jingles Spray Shine Plus

about  Jingles Spray Shine Plus


  4oz  Spray Shine Plus


Upbeat Volume Root Boost

Jingles Up Beat Volume Root Boost

Upbeat Volume Root Boost
A styling spray that lifts the hair and adds volume.
Lifts, supports, and adds body to the roots, for all types of hair. Adds volume, fullness and shine.
Available in 8oz / 225ml


  8oz  Up Beat Volume Root Boost

Jingles Professional Hair Products Logo

Jingles Hair Sprays

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Spray & Play


Jingles Spray & Play


about  Jingles Spray & Play


  8oz Spray & Play 

* Not available in the following states: CA, NY. NJ, CT, PA, DEL, DC, MA, VT, NH, Virginia, RI

Professional Hair Care Products - Finishing

Jingles Mega Hold

about  Jingles Mega Hold - Original


  9.92oz  Mega Hold 14.29  (Mega-Hold products Can NOT be shipped the states listed below  * )

* Original Not available in the following states: CA, CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NH, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT -- see below --

Jingles Mega Hold -VOCProfessional Hair Care Products - Finishing

about  Jingles Mega Hold


  9.92oz  Mega Hold    14.99   (Mega-Hold  VOC friendly)

* Made especially for the following states: CA, CT, DC, DE,  MA, MD, ME, NJ, NH, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT 




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