Morrocan Hair Oil
Morrocan Oil for Hair

Morrocan Hair Oil
Morrocan Oil for Hair


Morrocan Hair Oil | Morrocan Oil for Hair Morrocan Hair Oil | Morrocan Oil for Hair          

Morrocan Hair Oil | Morrocan Oil for Hair  

Morrocan Hair Oil | Morrocan Oil for Hair  by VanishSpoil yourself, restore shine to your damaged, moisture starved hair with Argan Oil, also called both Morrocan Hair Oil or Morrocan Oil for Hair! Watch the magic when you apply a small amount of Vanish Argan oil to your freshly shampooed & conditioned hair. Like Magic it disappears! No oil like feeling, just great hair that feels better, looks better and is easier to do!   This -- centuries old secret -- from the women of Morocco, can be yours today. After all, the girls of Morocco live in the desert where the Argan Tree grows, so they have been battling the effects of their hot, dry desert climate for centuries. Now Argan Oil brings all the benefits of Morrocan hair oil, to you, for your hair.  Morrocan Hair Oil is indeed special. It comes from the Argan Nut and it contains unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) and it is also rich in tocopherols (vitamin E). Argan oil works to renew your hair!

Argan Oil treatment absorbs instantly into your hair to create instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving an oily residue. Morrocan Oil for Hair is formulated to both strengthen and soften brittle hair. Light enough for fine hair, intense enough for unmanageable hair, Argan Oil Treatment promotes healing and provides you with a way to give your hair a nourishing treatment every day.  Argan Oil

Vanish Argan Oil  is Morrocan Hair Oil                
as seen on the page Argan Oil Treatments

A Leave-in treatment that conditions, shines and restores moisture for fine/normal hair.

Eliminates frizz for all hair types.Morrocan Hair Oil | Morrocan Oil for Hair  by Vanish

    Get Vanish Argan oil and spoil yourself &  you hair a Morrocan Hair Oil.

    • save $ - Vanish Morrocan Oil for Hair comes in a bigger bottle
    • save $ - Vanish is less expensive than other brands of Morrocan Hair Oil
    • plastic bottle, rather than a glass bottle, (less likely to break if dropped)
    • Vanish Argan Oil is clear so it won't change the color of your blond hair or highlights
    • Wonderful aroma therapy fragrance. (Voted best fragrance for this group)

    Easy Directions:

  1. Apply Vanish Argan Oil evenly to dry or towel-dried hair and styles as normal.
  2. Apply Vanish Argan Oil on bare legs for a marvelous shine without stockings

   1- 4oz  Vanish Argan Oil   $29.61 32.90
  4 - 4oz  Vanish Argan Oil 105.28  (buy 3 get 1 for $16.45)
  6 - .03oz Vanish Aragon Oil Treatment Travel Foil Packs $ 18.00
                  There is  "a generous amount " of Argan Oil in each foil   - enough for 2-3 hair treatments or to do both legs
                         (don't leave your Argan Oil behind - take travel foils!)









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Morrocan Hair Oil | Morrocan Oil for Hair

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