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  pure volume shampoo & conditionerPure Volume

 PureOlogy   ..   volume   ...   pure volume  ....
& nothing but  PURE  VOLUME...

Try our 4 step 4 VOLUMEPure Volume Shampoo

  1. Start with our Pureology Pure Volume Shampoo Sale: Shampoo rinse & Repeat

  2. Apply a SMALL amount of Pureology NanoWorks:
    NanoWorks by PureOlogyNanaoWorks is a NEW highly concentrated deep conditioning treatment you can use every day! Just put it on and wait 3 to 5 minutes. No heat required. Use at home right in your shower. Believe me when I tell you, if you like your hair (or if your hair is in bad shape and you want to like your hair) NanoWorks is  worth every penny you spend on it.  You don't need much so it's cost effective and even better, right now its on sale too!
    Just take a small amount of NanaWorks and rub together in your hands to emulsify then apply to your freshly shampooed hair and wait 3 to 5 minutes

  3. Thickening MasqueSqueeze a 1 inch toothpaste like ribbon out of your tube of  Pureology Pure Volume , ThickeningMasque rub your wet hands together to:
    a-add water to activate (you'll know because it gets warm) &  
       b-emulsify ..then
    apply the warm Thickening Masque to your hair, right on top of the NanoWorks, let it set until it cools off . Thickening Masque can be used daily, it's like a spa treatment for your hair.

  4. Hydrate ConditionerThis step is optional our customers all say they like it once thy try it. We simply put Pureology daily conditioner on top of the thickening masque. If you have Pureology Pure Volume Conditioner, this will add more volume.  However with most people we feel we get so much volume we end up wanting to add a little moisture for balance and use Pureology Hydrate Conditioner. So you know, the Thickening Masque is made from Volcanic Ash and it smells faintly like, you guessed it, volcanic ash. The Hydrate Conditioner takes this away and makes the hair easy to comb through. Folks like the fragrance of the Pureology Hydrate Conditioner.
  5. I know we said ... 4 steps  4 VOLUME  and here is number 5. Well the 4 steps put the foundation for volume in your hair. So believe it or not you have pure volume!. Don't cheat yourself and your hair by leaving off your styling aid. That's right those little styling tools that help keep the style you want and show off the new  VOLUME  all day long.
  6. KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT! --> Any volume adding treatment makes your hair feel less "bendy"! Out of all the people who tried this system only one person said "It leaves my hair feeling dry like straw." We add this note just so first time users will know what to expect from their hair. The hair is not dry, it just has lots of body. You know it is not dry because you used the NanoWorks conditioner before and the Hydrating Conditioner after...  just to be sure your hair is in good conditioner. There is a trade off between "body = not bendy hair" and "limp hair = too much moisture of fine thin hair" Your hair has just moved to the "not bendy" end of the scale. 
    Adjust the amount of volume (body) you get by changing:
    • how often you apply Thickening Masque (some use it daily others only once a week)
    • how much Thickening Masque you use
    • how much Hydrate and NanoWorks conditioner you use

    If you feel you hair has too much body or "feels too dry" over several days of shampooing and conditioning, your shampoo will remove the Thickening Masque, your conditioner will add in more moisture and you hair will return to its original "I want more volume/body" condition.

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